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Liquid Knockout,  · The size of a flash drum (or knock-out pot, or vapor-liquid separator) should be dictated by the anticipated flow rate of vapor and liquid from the drum. The following sizing methodology is based on the assumption that those flow rates are known.Vessel Filtration, Knock-out Pot/Inlet Filter Call or email us for information and pricing. 1-800-580-7873 This filter is designed to remove liquids and/or particulate from the process gas of industrial equipment. The separation of entrained materials is accomplished in three ...Liquid Chlorine Knockout Pot files, Liquid Chlorine Knockout Pot - files The Computer-Aided Design ("CAD") files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third ...7. Knock Out Drums, KNOCK OUT DRUMS The Knock out drum is a vessel in the flare header designed to remove & accumulate condensed & entrained liquids from the relief gases. Both the horizontal & vertical design is a common consideration for the Knock out drum, which isLiquid Separator | US Vacuum Pumps, Features Prevents Liquid slugs from entering vacuum pump Acts as Both Liquid Knock-out pot & Particulate filter Available in Cs, SST Epoxy & SST construction Particle filtration to 5 micron 99% Liquid removal efficiency Level switch, sight glass, drain ports Multi.

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Knockout Drums and Liquid Seal Vessels | Aereon, Knockout drums supplied by AEREON can be either horizontal or vertical. Liquid Seals The liquid seal drum is a specially designed vessel containing a predetermined level of water in the base of the drum. The main purpose of the liquid seal drum is to stop flameSizing Knockout Drums, Liquid retention of 20 minutes inland and 10 minutes offshore, and 450-micron maximum liquid droplet size are recommended as the initial design selection. (See API RP 521). Knockout drums should be sized per ASME and API RP 521.