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: 5 inch vent hose, GSM Brands Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose - 5.9 inch in Diameter Size - 78 inch Long - Universal Flexible Counter Clockwise - Room Air Conditioners 4.6 out of 5 stars 205 $25.36 Lambro 244 Duct Connector 4.5 out of 5 stars 259 $10.10 AC Infinity ...Other Dryer Flexible Vent Hose 4396033RP | Whirlpool, This Dryer Flexible Vent Hose vents hot air and moisture from the dryer. This chrome filter is an accessory that can be used across several brands; check to see if your model number is compatible. Size: extends to approx. 5-ft L. Replacing this part will require no disassembly or repair experience.Nostalgic AC, 2-1/2 inch plastic flexible duct hose. The vent hose can be used for vent louvers and defrost outlets. 2.5" duct hose is the most commonly used in the aftermarket A/C industry.Sold by the footThe flexible duct we offer is designed to fit over a 2-1/2" rouTumble Dryer Vent Kits | Appliance Spares Warehouse, Buy Tumble Dryer Vent Kits, Tumble Dryer wall vents, Hose adaptors and connectors at Appliance Spares Warehouse. Universal 4 inch diameter 4 metre long tumble dryer vent hose. Suitable for dryers with 4 inch diame..The Allowable Length of a Dryer Vent | eHow,  · Dryer vent hoses that are run in a straight line from the dryer exhaust to the outdoors provide the best ventilation and reduce the likelihood of trapped lint. When using a straight piece of flexible metal vent hose, the maximum length allowed for safe ventilation is approximately 30 feet, according to the Appliance Aid website..

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Do Dryer Vent Hoses Come in Different Sizes?,  · Dryer vent hoses vary in size, but most used for residential dryers are between 4 and 5 inches in diameter. Using a vent hose that is too small presents a fire risk, while one that is too large can result in inefficient drying.: 5 inch flexible duct,  · The flexible ducting dryer vent hose from iPower is a bit bigger in terms of diameter compared to other models in the same price range. The flexible construction allows installing this duct air vent in kitchens, greenhouses, grow tents, as well as in bathrooms and basements.