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How To Make a Diatomaceous Earth Plant Duster,  · How to make a diatomaceous earth plant duster from a plastic water bottle, and how to apply diatomaceous earth to your plants for organic insect control.Diatomaceous Earth is a Valuable Soil Amendment, Natural diatomaceous earth is inert, retains water, and has a high porosity that allows the soil to breathe. These qualities and more make it an efficient tool for horticulturists, with benefits including: Improved Plant Structure Sources of Silicon-rich minerals are ...3 Ways to Apply Diatomaceous Earth,  · Spray the infected plants with the wet diatomaceous earth on all sides. Take your time to get both the tops and undersides of infected leaves. Spray trunks, stems, and the soil surrounding the base of the plant. Once the mixture dries, the remaining powder will stick ...How To Use Diatomaceous Earth In Your Cannabis Grow, How To Use Diatomaceous Earth In Your Cannabis Grow Many things can go wrong during the cannabis growing process, but growers using diatomaceous earth can rest assured that their bud will make it through. Simply put, diatomaceous earth is bad news fordiatomaceous earth plants, The diatomaceous earth helps the plant roots to absorb nutrients from the soil as well as the fertilizer you add to the potting soil. It helps deodorize your plants. Potted plants may develop an odor because of moss, fungi, or bacteria growing in them..

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