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Steel Frame Screen for Sale, Steel Frame Screen: Steel Frame Screen is the most widely used screen,the features of screen of this type: 1. The stainless steel wire cloth combined directly bonded on the steel plank.then tightly bonded together by steel frames and metal plank. 2. Every layer of ...Vibrating Shale Shaker Screen for Drilling Mud Process, Waved type oil shale shaker screen mesh Steel frame/composite/wave type shale shaker screen in Oilfield Shale Shaker multi-layer or single layer flat panels Quarry multi decks circular vibrating sieve shaker screen Shaker Vibrating Sand Screen Applied in ...Shale Shaker Screen Framed for Hydraulic Fluid Control, Tensile steel frame shale shaker screen model 25''*36.25'' API 60; Scalping screen 300 primary 89 API50; 48 x 30 screen for API 35, 45, API230; Screen size 29 inch x 42 inch for shale shaker series 500 fluid system; Mud pump parts for rig up; Mini panel ...Mining Screen, Shale Shaker Screen, Sifting Screen, According to materials used, the shaker screen can be divided into stainless steel wire screen, polyester screen and composite shaker screen products. The popular vibrating and shale shaker screen types in the market are classified into 4 categories: Steel Frame Shale Shaker Screen, Waved Shale Shaker Screen, Hook Strip Flat Screen and Hook Strip Soft Screen.Shale Shaker Screen, High quality KPT 28 Shaker Vibrating Sieving Mesh Screen , Steel Frame Oil Vibrating Screen from China, China's leading oil filter vibrating screen product, with strict quality control sand dewatering screen factories, producing high quality sand dewatering screen.

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Info Shale Shaker Screen, Related Shaker Screen Weight (kg) Frame Mesh Type Screen Format Mesh Range (API Standard) DP 600 Dual Pool (DP) 600 series PMD: 5 Carbon steel / Polyurethane XL, XR Pyramid 20 - 400 FLC 500 FLC 500 series PWP: 6 PMD:7.5 Carbon steel